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Mar 21

Growing Shoreditch: Reliable Connectivity for Tech City

Growing Shoreditch: Reliable Connectivity for Tech City

Tech City has become an expanding area for innovation and creativity over the last several years.  Local tech companies work alongside entrepreneurial spirits from all over the world, encouraged by the UK government to come to London and develop this burgeoning hub of creativity and innovation. Tech City’s remarkable growth – over 2000 companies at the last count – has created considerable buzz within the UK and all over the world, shaping the area into a close knit community of tech enthusiasts trying to make THEIR start up the next Google…

For many in the area, Tech City has become so much more than a workplace. Social events for networking and relationship building facilitate this – a chance to swap ideas and best practice over a cold beer. Meanwhile educational events such as those regularly held at Google Campus allow the next generation of techies to pitch their ideas, with honest feedback from their peers.

Ironically, this area full of technology fanatics has struggled with one thing, connectivity. Leading to the frequent frustration of its bandwidth-hungry residents. To fill this void The Shoreditch Network was formed; a collaboration between three technology companies in the local area. Specialists from euNetworks, Carrenza and Optimity have combined together to provide scalable infrastructure to local companies, enabling their growth into industry leaders.


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